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The BULDERS brand

BULDERS is a sportswear clothing brand specialized in bodybuilding, strength training and fitness. It offers a quality range of clothing design to practitioners and are crafted to carry this sport’s values. Moreover, practitioners can wear them in the room and outside. The brand is now successfully present in many events and acclaimed by many athletes.

The name : it comes from the translation of the word "bull" in English and refers to the "bodybulder". The final "s" gives originality to the word and snapps to Anglo Saxon connotation.

The logo : The key element of the brand is a bull. Traditionnaly, this animal conveys power values and huge strength to training practitioners. It is said "it has a bull neck" or "this is a beef" to enhance developed musculature. The Bulders bull can be shown in several ways like stylish animal, half man and animal, it always has developed musculature and are significant to practitioners. Many original variations are still coming. The "Bulders" word is written with a character that remains the bull's horns and spikes that forms its body.

The motto : ‘feel the force’ is reflected into the strenght of the Jedi in the ‘Star Wars’ movies. It requires concentration and comittment. It also refers to the sheer strength of the Bulders bull, which is one of the bodybuilding practitioner’s goals. The awakening force is echoed through clothing brands and helps practitioner look for performance through guidance and motivation. Indeed, this remains figurative and unreal. A recent practical example in this regard is that of customer feeback. Customers resonated well with the concept.

The devil : the character that portrays woman Bulders range which is a feminine version of the bull, with a svelte and athletic line, ideally sought by practitioners. The first buyers of the brand spontaneously called this figure "the devil" because of his horns and tail.

The creators : The Bulders project is born from the meeting of two personalities with distinct skills but united by the same passion : sports.

Benoit DEROT : Benoit DEROT, an avid practitioner of combat sports since 1992 and international competitor, attended galas in grappling and pankration MMA in Europe and Asia, where he won many competitions. Throughout his career, he completed his training with some weight training in order to increase his performance. At the same time, he took marketing and international trade academic courses and graduated from the Business school in Marseille in 1997. In 2005, after a professional experience as a merchant, he started his own Events Company. He currently offers all of his management expertise to help Bulders.

Christophe MULETIER : Since he was 15 years old , he has been practising bodybuilding and won both national and international awards like : champion of France in 2000 WPF junior, European champion in 2001 WPF couple team, 1st place in the body show Ciotat super body category in 2004 and 2nd in the fitness world that year. 1st in the Grand Prize of Aix en Provence in 2006 then, he puts his competitive career on standby to focus on developing his companies. He came back in 2012 at the body show of Ciotat on Bulders launch and won the 1st prize in the athletic category and all the others. He’s currently bringing his experience, network and image from the bodybuilding to the BULDERS company.

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    Informations légales sur la société HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

    SARL HEALTHY LIFESTYLE au capital de 500 euros. Adresse : 45 AV DES MARTINS 97460 SAINT PAUL, FRANCE. RCS : 839 733 615, SIRET : 839 733 615 00026, TVA : FR36 839 733 615, APE 4642Z.

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    1.1 On, the supplier sells its products and applies its own e-commerce business! This is exclusively dedicated to the users who would like to become final consumers.

    1.2 Any end-user will have to practice foreign operations on our website in any business or professional activity. If not, we invite you to abstain from entering into any business transactions on the Bulderswebsite

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    1.4 These Conditions of Sales exclusively govern the offer, the transmission and acceptance of purchase orders for products on the website between end users or consumers, and the supplier.

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    2. How to conclude a purchase agreement with

    2.1 In order to proceed with your order and conclude your purchase on our website :, just click on your chosen product, select the needed features (size and color), then click on « Add to cart». Once your order is completed, go to your cart to complete the payment procedure. You can fill out the order form and send it via telematics to our provider by following the provided instructions.

    2.2 The order form is composed of the price and the information about the main characteristics of the ordered products, the payment method of each product, the shipping and delivery processes, the costs and the conditions for the renunciation right and return policy.

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    2.8 In case your order includes one or more unavailable products on since your last visit to the website, or once order form is submitted, the supplier of will provide you the information towards its unavailability as soon as possible. If your order has been confirmed and paid for, we will refund the price you paid for the missing items within 30 days following the date of payment.

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    3. Prices of the items and warranty

    3.1 Are listed on this website : the Bulders brand products. Product prices are quoted in Euros, all taxes included, excluding the cost of processing and shipping charges. For orders to countries other than France, the buyer is the importer of the concerned products. For all products shipped out of the European Union and DOM-TOM, prices will be calculated automatically net of tax on the invoice.Customs duties or other local taxes, state taxes or importation duties may be required. Ces droits et sommes ne sont pas du ressort de BULDERS. Ils seront à la charge de l'acheteur et relèvent de l'entière responsabilité, tant en termes de déclarations que de paiements, des autorités et/ou organismes compétents du pays d'expédition. The Customer i is advised to get information about these aspects from the local authorities. All orders, regardless of their country of origin, are payable in € (EUR).

    3.2 Market standards are met for each of these products.Neither defective product, nor used items are presented on the provider's website.

    3.3 On the supplier's website : each of these products is detailed in a listing product of each item! However the resolution of your computer screen may slightly change the color of an image, the latter as well as photos of the product present on the supplier's website that might be changed!

    3.4 Please check the final sale price before sending your order form due to regular rise or drop updates on prices.

    3.5 The supplier retains the right to submit an order depending on its location origin (foreign)

    3.6 The supplier, in case of renunciation right retains the ability to refuse the return of the products if they are without their labels or damaged or they were modified.

    4. Payment

    4.1 On the order form of this supplier on the site, the terms and the payment procedure are indicated, as well as costs related to shipping.

    4.2 Regarding payments by bank card (credit / withdrawal) all personal information associated with your card will be transferred via encrypted protocol, PayPal or other banks providing services related to electronic payment. These information won’t be displayed or transmitted to any third party Except for the completion of your order, for a refund, for a right of return according to the terms and conditions, and for any complaint to the authorities, the provider hasn’t the right to use your personal information. The shipping cost and the total price of your order will be charged from your current account as indicated in the order form.

    5. Customer service

    5.1 For further information, please send us an e-mail on the Contact us section.

    6. Shipping and delivery

    6.1 From the time you receive the order confirmation by email, delivery times depend on the selected type of delivery. On holidays, we remind you that the shipment and delivery packages might be delayed. The delivery time for order from France is for 3 working days

    7. Renunciation right

    7.1 You have the right to end the agreement with the supplier without specifying your causes and without penalty, within fourteen (14) days from the day of your purchasingon the website ( However, no product could be replaced by another one !

    7.2 To cancel the agreement please contact us by email (

    7.3 If this is the case, all products must be returned to the supplier by giving a carrier of your choice within fourteen (14) days from the date you received them and at your expense ! Therefore, please contact our customer service by email so we will send you the address for returning the products, transportation will be entirely your sole responsibility for any loss or damage of the product. These return costs will be deducted from the full amount that you for exercising your waiver rights.

    7.4 If and only if the deadlines and conditions set forth in sections 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 are met, the return of products in case of restitution right is considered conform : the return form is properly completed and sent to the supplier within the period requested, - the product must not have been damaged, altered, washed, worn or used.- product label must always be attached to it by its home of origin-products and must be returned in their package. Moreover, the products must be delivered to the carrier of your choice within fourteen (14) days after the day you received them. The products must be sent to the supplier once because the provider retains the right to refuse articles of the same order returned and dispatched at different times.

    7.5 The supplier will, under the above conditions, arrange the refund procedure as specified in the section 8.2 below within a maximum of thirty (30) days of your renunciation right.

    7.6 However, if the modalities and terms for exercising the right to renunciation were not respected you would not be entitled to the refundof amounts already paid to the supplier and the possible costs of returning goods remain your responsibility. However you can get back at your expense items in the state they have been returned to the supplier. Otherwise, the supplier can keep the products and the sums already paid for their acquisition.

    8. Refund terms and policies

    8.1 The supplier will send you a confirmation email of acceptance for the returned products if the above requirements of section 7.4 are met.

    8.2 Whatever your way of payment, the supplier must refund you within thirty (30) days to exercise the right of cancellation conditionned by the restitution of the original product. The refunded amont corresponds to the full price of the returned products, the initial delivery of the products and any additional costs associated with a payment order.

    8.3 For credit card / withdrawal payments, the date of the new credit will be balanced with the debit to prevent bank penalties.

    8.4 You can use the pre-printed record of the command that will be in the package your products supplier with the TNT carrierin order to track your parcel.

    9. Privacy Policy

    9.1 You can get information on how we handle your personal information by contacting us by email ( or in the contact us section on the website

    9.2 Les informations collectées par HEALTHY LIFESTYLE lors de toute commande de l'acheteur sont nécessaires pour la gestion de sa commande. Conformément à la loi Informatique et Libertés n°78-17 du 6 janvier 1978, l'acheteur dispose d'un droit d'accès, de rectification, d'opposition et de suppression aux données le concernant auprès de Dragon Bleu.

    9.3 Par l'intermédiaire deBULDERS, l'acheteur peut être amené à recevoir des propositions commerciales d'autres organismes ou entreprises, ou être informé des offres de BULDERS. Si l'acheteur ne souhaite pas recevoir ces propositions, il peut en informer HEALTHY LIFESTYLE par courrier par email à

    10. Applicable law

    10.1 Subject to public order provisions of French law, the terms of sale and the agreement of sales are governed by Italian law and in particular by the Legislative Decree of 6 September 2005 No. 206 on distance agreements and legislative Decree of 9 April 2003 No. 70 on aspects on electronic commerce

    11. Intellectual property

    All the texts, comments, articles, illustrations and images reproduced on the site are reserved under copyright and intellectual property for the whole world. For this reason and in accordance with the Code if Intellectual Property, only the use for a private use is authorized, subjected to different provisions even more restrictive from the code of Intellectual Property. Any copy, representation or reproduction, totally or partially of site is strictly prohibited.

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    You can unsubscribe at any time either by clicking on the link in all Bulders emails or by sending an email to specifying that you wish to unsubscribe.

    13. Applicable law and jurisdiction

    The current agreement is under the French legislation and the language used is in French. In case of dispute the French courts will have jurisdiction.

    14. Change and updates

    14.1 The general terms and conditions change regularly and particularly in accordance with any legislative changes. The new general terms and conditions of sale will apply on their publication date on